McMurdo Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon

Waterproof to 60 meters

Waterproof to 60 meters, the Smartfind S10 Automatic Identification System (AIS) Beacon is designed to be carried by divers, boat crews, or anyone who spends time on the water for work or leisure purposes. When manually activated, the Smartfind S10 transmits both AIS and GPS data to the vessel the individual has come from, and to other AIS equipped vessels within a typical four mile radius to give precise location information to aid the recovery of persons in difficulty at sea. Bearing and distance information is accurately transmitted and displayed on the AIS receiver or plotter, giving potential rescuers all the information they require to carry out swift retrieval of an individual. MSRP US $325.00. More product info: or your McMurdo dealer. McMurdo - 4296 Forbes Blvd. - Lanham, MD 20706 USA

Finesse Swim Baits

Finesse Swim Baits’ Should Increase Your Summer Bass Catch.For more than two decades, big eight-, 10-, and 12-inch trout-imitation lures known as ‘swim baits’ have enjoyed a well-deserved reputation for catching huge largemouths, especially in California where they originated.